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Massey researchers awarded Earthquake Commission Biennial Grants

Three Massey University researchers have been awarded a total of nearly $200,000 from the Earthquake Commission, to help New Zealanders better understand our natural hazard risk and identify ways to reduce the impact of those hazards.

Researchers receive Rutherford Medal

The He Kāinga Oranga/Housing and Health Research Programme has been awarded the Rutherford Medal.

Rising house prices and increase in interest rate lead to decline in home affordability

The latest Home Affordability Report shows an overall decline in national affordability over the most recent quarter, largely driven by soaring house prices and an increasing interest rate.

Factsheets on preventing plastics pollution in the Pacific launched

A range of factsheets focused on preventing plastics pollution in the Pacific have been produced by Massey's Dr Trisia Farrelly and Dr Sascha Fuller of The University of Newcastle.

Level of expenditure above NZ Superannuation continues to increase

The average retired household continues to spend in excess of New Zealand Superannuation, highlighting the importance of preparing for retirement.

Which sports drinks are best for hydration?

Hypotonic drinks ingested during exercise hydrate better than isotonic, hypertonic, and water-based sports drinks, according to new research.

Microplastics revealed in New Zealand marine mammals for the first time

Scientists have found microplastics in all New Zealand dolphins they examined, a new study has revealed.

HRC funds study of mātauranga Māori (traditional knowledge) of nutrition-related wellbeing

Dr Nikki Renall, Taranaki, has been awarded a Māori Health Research Postdoctoral Fellowship grant from the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

Saving crucial seconds before an earthquake hits

Many of us know that feeling when an earthquake hits - sometimes our first thoughts are wondering whether it is even an earthquake, which means potential life-saving seconds are lost before we take action.

Researchers seek to understand sleep support for perinatal mothers

Researchers from the Sleep/Wake Research Centre are hoping to develop an understanding of the sleep-related information, services and interventions offered to perinatal mothers.

New research finds virtual reality could help treat anxiety

Virtual reality has been found to be an effective treatment method for anxiety, according to a new study led by Computer Science Senior Lecturer Dr Nilufar Baghaei and co-authored by PhD student Vibhav Chitale.

New infographics provide insights from women coaches

Insights into women coaches in Aotearoa New Zealand are revealed in a series of three infographics released by High Performance Sport New Zealand together with Massey University.

Vegetables come first for PhD student

There's a rising interest in a 'vegetable first approach' for babies starting to eat solids, and whether this has an impact on their diet later in life.

New study highlights differences in New Zealand beef

Pasture-raised beef is the cornerstone of the New Zealand meat industry. But do we really understand the benefits we get from the meat when it is raised this way?

New research reveals emerging environmental contaminants of concern in NZ dolphins

Scientists have revealed emerging environmental contaminants of concern within New Zealand dolphins, with similar pollution levels to Japan.

Contraception choices highlighted by Massey researcher on podcast

Health Psychologist Dr Tracy Morison has shared her research on the complexities around contraception choice in an episode of international science podcast, ResearchPod.

Giant Waikato penguin: school kids discover new species

A giant fossilised penguin discovered by Hamilton school children has been revealed as a new species by Massey University researchers.

Story-sharing research project looks at service engagement and unmet needs in healthcare

Wāhi Kōrero, an online platform providing people an anonymous space to share their experiences with the health system, was recently launched by Massey researchers.

MBIE funding awarded to researchers for innovative, cutting-edge projects

Four projects led by Massey University researchers have been awarded more than $12 million in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE) 2021 Endeavour Fund.

She Got the Power

Can pop music promote feminism? Can young women be empowered by female pop music performers?

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